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It’s essential to choose a chicken feeder that is the right size for your flock, is durable and weather-resistant, and keeps feed dry and accessible to your chickens. Some popular options include hopper feeders, hanging feeders, and trough feeders.

Explore the possibility of employing a feeding apparatus that minimizes wastage and leakages, as this can economize your expenses and maintain a more pristine environment within your poultry enclosure. Ultimately, the optimal feeder for your flock will be contingent on your requirements and the dimensions of your poultry, hence, it is prudent to investigate the array of choices at your disposal and select the most suitable one for your circumstances.



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Harris Farms Poultry Feeder | Manna Pro Chicken Feed, Free Range Hanging Chicken Feeder, Chicken Feeders Galvanized |

DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins, Troughs

OverEZ Chicken Feeder - Holds 50 Pounds of Feed - Inside or

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover – 6.5 Pound Capacity

12 Ports DIY Poultry Feeder Port, Rain Proof Rodent Rat Proof Gravity Fed Kit with Critter Stopper for

1:Harris Farms Poultry Feeder

After conducting a thorough search, I found a larger feeder that suited the requirements of my coop. The feeder allows hanging or resting on a wood block, and I chose the latter. To my delight, my chickens took to the feeder immediately.

It is imperative to properly lock the feeder’s base to prevent any spillage or waste. On my first attempt, I should have ensured the proper locking of the base, resulting in a mess. Fortunately, my hens efficiently cleaned up the spill.


The Harris Farms hanging poultry feeder is a budget-friendly option with a 10-pound capacity made of durable plastic. While it does not come with a lid, one can be purchased separately. This feeder is suitable for flocks of 10-25 chickens, and its precise plastic construction allows for easy monitoring of the feed level.

The feeder can be hung or placed on the ground and is designed for easy refilling and maintenance. However, the feeder tray tends to separate from the top, leading to potential spillage. The shallow feed tray may also cause the chickens to scatter feed while eating.



Simple to install

There is no lid to keep moisture and other animals out.

Easy to clean and fill

2:DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry

Cricket tubes

DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Troughs (4 Port with holesaw)

Easy to install.

Come with 4 chicken feeder ports.

Gravity automatic chicken feeder, constant feed to be available

Initially, I had concerns that my chickens would not adapt to the new feeder as it was significantly different from their previous one. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they quickly learned to use it within 10 minutes of introduction. The feeder’s increased capacity and ability to maintain a cleaner environment have been highly beneficial.

You can acquire a 5-gallon pail from a retailer like Lowe’s or Home Depot and fasten the drill attachment for a convenient setup. The choice to invest in this feeding device was prompted by the challenges faced with conventional poultry feeders, which permitted an overflow of water to infiltrate the feed, causing it to solidify and become unattainable for the fowls.

Thus, with this innovative feeder, we load the 5-gallon container, secure the cover, and it’s all set for action.


This chicken feeder kit is designed for DIY enthusiasts and includes four feeder ports and one hole saw. This makes it possible to create an automatic chicken feeder using either a 5-gallon bucket, barrel, bin, or trough.

The PVC pipe feeder has a covered and rainproof design and a connecting seal to keep the feed dry. The gravity-based automatic design of the feeder ensures a constant supply of feed. Compared to traditional chicken feeders, this feeder reduces spillage and results in less mess.



Easy to install

Must train chickens to use it

Easy to assemble and came with the hole drill bit that is needed

3: OverEZ Chicken Feeder

This dispenser proves to be squirrel-friendly, allowing easy peanut access for these voracious eaters.

Crafted to minimize squander and scatter, it becomes an optimal choice for squirrel enthusiasts. Nonetheless, the dispenser exhibits robustness and ease of maintenance, while its compact structure ensures it won’t occupy too much room.


The OverEZ Chicken Feeder is a durable and practical solution for chicken farmers. With a 50-pound holding capacity, it can be used inside and outside the hen coop. Made of BPA-free, recyclable plastic, it is food-safe and UV-protected.

The feeder is designed to minimize waste with three smart-feeding ports that prevent chickens from spilling or soiling feed. The port overhang and hidden recessed channel protect feed from water runoff during rain.

Cleaning and maintenance of this poultry feeder are convenient, as it can be refilled and cleaned on the ground with its wide-mouth opening and easy-to-replace lid. The angled design allows for a gravity-fed system, allowing food to flow directly down for the chickens’ easy access and a shallow base to reach the bottom of the feeder easily.

4: Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain


I recently purchased the Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with a Rain Cover for my two Polish chickens. I was seeking a solution to reduce the wastage of feed and keep it off the ground. This feeder has proven an excellent solution, as my chickens can now feed comfortably and efficiently. This feeder’s innovative design has significantly reduced feed waste, making it a cost-effective investment.

The rain cover also protects from adverse weather conditions, ensuring the feed remains dry and usable. The feeder can be easily attached to mesh or solid walls, making it versatile and suitable for various setups. This feeder has a capacity of approximately 6.5 pounds of feed and is 20 inches tall. So, It makes it ideal for 4-6 chickens. The hood is large, but I opted to leave it out when assembling the feeder as it is situated inside the coop. Overall, this feeder has been a great success; my chickens now flock around it.


The Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder is an efficient, cost-effective solution for feeding your chickens. Its innovative design helps reduce wastage and saves you time and money. The feeder is designed to provide only your chickens, excluding wild birds and rodents. However, its rain cover protects it from the elements.

It can be easily attached to a mesh or mounted on a solid wall with the free aluminum brackets included. This feeder is suitable for 4-6 chickens and can hold approximately 6.5 pounds of feed, with a height of 20 inches. It is compatible with most feed types, including pellets and general feed mixes.

5: 12 Ports DIY Poultry Feeder Port

The 12 Ports DIY Poultry Feeder Port is an efficient and practical solution for feeding my poultry. The feeder is designed to reduce spillage and minimize mess, making it a cost-effective option for daily feeding. I use it to feed my 4 Pekin ducks and two hens, and it can store food for an extended period, even during my vacations.

The kit includes stopper caps that prevent rodents and other critters from accessing the food, ensuring that the feed remains safe and secure. The feeder is also designed with rainproof hoods that keep the food dry, even in the rain.

I elevated the feeder on a couple of bricks to make it more accessible for my birds. So, ensuring that the height was about 8-10 inches above the ground.

I have had a great experience with this feeder. Additionally, it has exceeded my expectations by keeping the food dry and secure, even in adverse weather conditions.


The 12 Ports DIY Poultry Feeder Port is designed to provide convenience and cost-saving benefits to poultry owners. The feeder features a rainproof design and a gravity-fed system, which reduces spillage and mess and provides constant feed access to the poultry.

The feeder is easy to install, with the necessary tools being a drill and a 3.15″ hole saw (not included). The ports come equipped with hoods that serve as rain shields, ensuring that the chicken food remains dry and clean. The feeder can be used with various containers, including buckets, bins, barrels, and boxes, making it a versatile solution for poultry owners.



Rainproof design protects the food from getting wet.

It may require propping up to an appropriate height for the poultry to access the food.

Flexible and versatile, it can be used with a variety of containers.

The 3.15" hole saw required for installation may not be included.

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In conclusion, the chicken mentioned above feeder has different features. Despite their upfront cost, Rain Proof and Rodent rat-proof features are cost-effective for feeding your chickens. Its innovative design reduces waste and spills, saving you money in the long run.

Its automatic gravity-fed system ensures a constant food supply, making it ideal for use when you need to be away from home. Overall, this feeder is an excellent investment for those who own chickens, excluding baby chicks, and is well worth considering.

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