15 Best Chicken Toys for the Coop


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chicken toys for the coop

Chickens like a little fun, even if they don’t “play” in the same sense as a dog playing with a stick or a cat playing with a ball of wool.

The best way to characterize chicken toys is as interactive items that appeal to the birds’ natural tendencies and needs while also providing stimulation.

15 Best Chicken Toys for the Coop

1. Cricket Tubes

Cricket tubes

Challenge Plastics 50298 Cricket Cage 6″, Red

2 5/8-Inch by 9-inch.

Made of Wire and Plastic.

Weighs .27 pounds.

These are made from hole-lined plastic tubes. Once you have filled them with them, the crickets will slowly emerge from the tubes.

While they wait for the next delicious surprise to appear, the chickens will delight in forcing the bugs to leave!

The Cricket Tubes can make chickens feel less stressed, which will result in a healthier and happier flock that won’t become bored!


  • Dimensions: Measuring only 2 5/8 inches by 9 inches, the Challenge Plastics 50298 Cricket Cage is small and lightweight.
  • Material: It is lightweight and strong because it is composed of wire and plastic.
  • Weight: At just 0.27 pounds, the cricket cage is lightweight and easy to handle and transport.
  • Snap-On Top: The crickets within this cage are safely contained while being easily accessed thanks to the handy snap-on top.
  • Sport Type: Designed especially for fishing, the cricket cage is ideal for anglers who need to retain live crickets for bait.

2: Lixit Chicken Toy

Cricket tubes

Lixit Chicken Feeder Toy (1 Pack)

HOURS OF FUN: Food is released as chickens peck at the toy, providing lots of fun

EASY TO REFILL: Simply pull the toy apart to refill it with your chicken’s favorite treats.

Your hens will love the distinctive Lixit Chicken Toy, which comes with treats and activities for them to do.

Place the Lixit inside your henhouse and observe how they pursue it on the ground.

This toy is weatherproof and resistant to pecking. It’s great for providing the birds tiny gifts and food, even though it’s not meant to be hung.


  • Hours of Fun: Your chickens will spend hours delighted by the Lixit Chicken Feeder Toy as they peck at it to release food. This avoids boredom and keeps kids interested.
  • Versatile: You can stuff the Lixit Chicken Toy with any gift you’d like to give your chickens, including seeds, fruits, greens, mealworms, and more. This enables you to feed them a varied and wholesome diet.
  • Stimulating Exercise: You may maintain your flock’s mental and physical stimulation by giving them this toy. The chickens get exercise and are kept from getting bored or anxious by having to peck to get the food out of the toy.

3: Mealworm Dispenser

Cricket tubes

FLYGRUBS Superior to Dried Mealworms for Chickens (1lb) – 85X More Calcium Than Live mealworms – Non-GMO Chicken Feed – BSFL Treats for Hens, Ducks, Turkeys, Wild Birds, Turtles, Quails



These toys, also known as cricket tubes or foraging toys, consist of tiny openings that may be loaded with treats that encourage chickens to figure out how to get to the food.

For this one, you can stuff with mealworms, which are not only extremely helpful for your chickens and help in the production of eggs due to their high protein content, but the chickens will also go crazy for these toys. Birds like to eat insects high in protein, such as mealworms.


  • Natural feeding Behavior: To promote natural eating behavior in chickens, ducks, birds, turtles, and bearded dragons, scatter the FLYGRUBS around the ground. These grubs’ flavor and texture will win them over.
  • High Nutrition Value: FLYGRUBS is a better option for your animals since they have 85 times more calcium than ordinary mealworms. With at least 36% protein, they are also an excellent source of protein. They also provide fiber, phosphorus, good fats, and lysine, which are vital nutrients for the well-being of your animals.

4:  Chicken Playground with Treat Basket

Cricket tubes

Chicken Portable Double Roosting Perch – Small

Package Length: 35.0″L

Package Width: 12.0″ W

Package Height: 3.0″H

For someone who is just getting into chicken toys, this is a somewhat pricey investment, but it’s the ultimate play for your backyard flock!

Specifically made for a big backyard flock, the treat basket will provide your hens with hours of enjoyment as it replicates the natural foraging activity.


  • Portable Design: The Chicken Portable Double Roosting Perch’s lightweight construction makes it simple to move around your yard or coop as needed.
  • Double Roosting Perch: This product has a double roosting perch design that offers ample room and comfort to accommodate several hens roosting simultaneously.
  • Package Dimensions: This product’s package measures 35.0″L x 12.0″ W x 3.0″H, making it small and convenient to store while not in use.
  • Durable Construction: This roosting perch is constructed to last and withstand weather conditions using premium materials, guaranteeing years of usage and pleasure.
  • Country of Origin: The high reliability and quality of this product are ensured by its Chinese manufacturing.
  • Versatile Use: You can use this roosting perch in yards, chicken coops, and other outside areas.
  • Easy Assembly: You can quickly set up and begin using the Chicken Portable Double Roosting Perch for your hen’s thanks to its simple assembly.

5:  Swinging Hanging Mirror

Cricket tubes

Chicken Toys Swing Hanging Mirror with Bell and Molar

The double-sided mirror is more convenient for pets.

Bells design, there is a sound when the pet is playing.

This low-cost hanging mirror is a fantastic alternative if you don’t want to create your chicken mirror.

Bells that chime when your chicken plays are part of its multimodal design. It resists wear and bite because it is constructed of solid wood.

In addition to being a mirror, this one is used to clean your chickens’ mouths because it will attract attacks from them.

When your chickens are cooped up, they will have enough to do to pass the time by staring at their reflections!


  • Solid Wood Frame: This chicken toy’s mirror frame is constructed of solid wood, which guarantees its reliability and resistance to damage. It is strong enough to endure the hens’ natural propensity to bite, and it also works as a toothbrush.
  • Double-Sided Mirror: This toy is useful for pets as it has a double-sided mirror. This gives the hens extra playing excitement by enabling them to see their reflections from various perspectives.
  • Bell Design: When the pet is playing, the hanging mirror’s bells produce a pleasant sound. This makes their play more enjoyable while also encouraging interest and interaction with the toy.

6. Vehomy Chicken Xylophone

It was a fun gift for my chicken-raising granddaughter. We suspected they were bored because they had not yet laid eggs.

It took the hens about five minutes to begin pecking at the xylophone, even though I had drawn a black dot with “legs” on each metal piece.

The tones could have been quieter, but watching the hens compete to play the xylophone was entertaining.

Indeed, it worked! It also had a small cuddle bone attached, which they also enjoyed. Was it by chance that they began laying eggs within a week? No. It is their age, as well as their rooster. However, I’ve heard that music encourages plant growth, so it wasn’t Mozart, but it was still really great.

I am considering transporting these chicks on the road. I play the ukulele and am seeking a drummer and banjo player.


The Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy for Hens is a suspensible wood xylophone toy with eight metal keys designed to entertain chickens in their coop.

It comes with a grinding stone, which provides an additional activity for chickens to peck. The rainbow color of the toy may also be appealing to chickens.

Additionally, the xylophone keys can create musical sounds that both chickens and humans can enjoy.



It is sturdy

The sound is not loud

easy to hang up

7: 2 Pieces Chicken Mirror

The chickens were immediately captivated by the Hanging Swing Mirror and began investigating it by pecking at it. They began to swing on this toy and make chicken chirping sounds.

They are still captivated by it over a month later, and it continues to supply them with interest and amusement.

I encourage! The chickens were a gift to my daughter, who is a veterinarian. She is pleased that I fed it to the hens.


The 2 Pieces Chicken Mirror Toys is a set of hanging swing mirror toys designed to entertain and stimulate chickens, hens, birds, and parrots.

These toys are designed to be hung in the coop or aviary and can be easily moved to different locations. The set includes one wooden pecking toy with a bell attached to it, providing interactive and auditory stimulation for birds.

The pack also contains four beak-grinding molar stones, providing a natural way for birds to keep their beaks trimmed and healthy. The mirror toys offer visual stimulation for birds and can also help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors.

The bell and grinding stone can also help the birds maintain their physical and mental well-being.



Easy to implement

Faded quickly in the sun


8. Chicken Treat Ball

Chicken Hanging Foraging Coop Toys for Hens are essential for your chickens! It will keep them entertained for hours! Bored chickens will be aggressive; therefore, they must have something to do to maintain harmony.

Fill it with a few fruits or vegetables and hang it in the yard. This product is so simple to clean, has a fantastic price, and is robust.

I have ten children who play with it, and I am satisfied with using it so much that I want to buy more.


The Chicken Treat Ball Chicken Vegetable Feeder Veggie Hanging Ball Toy for Hens is a foraging toy designed to keep chickens entertained and engaged while providing them with a nutritious and healthy snack. This durable and non-toxic toy can be easily hung in the coop or run. It is designed to dispense small pieces of vegetables or fruits, encouraging chickens to work for their food and promoting natural foraging behaviors. Additionally, the toy helps to prevent boredom and reduces the risk of feather-picking and other destructive behaviors often seen in confined chickens. This toy is perfect for backyard chickens, keeping them healthy and happy.



Easy to clean

Very small

Value for money

9: Chicken Swing

It took me a while, but I eventually got around to hanging this swing in the run for my chickens, and it’s fantastic.

This product is high quality, and the chickens adore it. The threads used to hang it are rather lengthy since this keeps it from being suspended too high off the ground.

Since my daughters occasionally argue over who gets to use our one swing, I’ll likely have to buy another one.


The Chicken Swing Toy for Coop is a handmade wooden toy that provides entertainment and stress relief for chickens, pet parrots, and macaws. The toy is made of natural and safe materials and is built to be large and durable for maximum enjoyment. The swing features a wooden perch and ladder chickens can use to climb and play on. The toy encourages natural behaviors such as climbing and perching, which can help to reduce stress and keep birds active and healthy. Additionally, the handmade construction ensures that each toy is unique and of high quality. This toy is perfect for backyard chickens, pet parrots, and macaws, keeping them happy and active.



Adjustable rope

Strings are much longer

Extremely durable

10: Vehomy Chicken Perch for Chicken

(Vehomy Chicken Perch for Chicks Chicken Wood Stand with Holes Chick Stand Training Perch Chicken Roost bar for Chicks Chicken Swing Chicken Toy for Hens)

On the bright side, the chicks in the brooder were OBSESSED with it, which is another way of saying they liked it. Because it is unfinished and natural wood, it is wonderful for them to chew on, but it is a nightmare to clean. To remove all of the bird droppings from the surface, make ready-to-use a pad with a rough surface that is disposable, along with a great deal of very hot water, and then scrub vigorously on it before throwing it away. However, I am not going to complain about that aspect because I have no idea how it could be modified to be less difficult to clean while still being safe for the birds.


The home Chicken Perch for Chicks is a wooden stand that provides a safe and comfortable place for chicks to roost and play. The stand features multiple holes and a swing to encourage natural behaviors like climbing, perching, and foraging. It’s made of high-quality wood that is safe for chickens and strong enough to support them. The perch is perfect for training chicks, as it offers a comfortable resting spot and helps develop their leg and wing muscles. Additionally, the perch is easy to install and can be attached to any coop or run. This perch is perfect for backyard chickens, keeping them healthy and active while they are still young



Stable and solid

Nuts disassemble sometime

Easy to assemble

11:Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy

Cricket tubes

Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy for Hens Pet Chicken Veggies Skewer Fruit Holder for Hens Large Bird

Easy use bird treats holder, skewer tomato, Apple, cabbage corn, or other vegetable fruits easily.

The feeder skewer is built with 304 stainless steel, rustproof, and safe for your favorite pets.


  • Durable Structure: Constructed from premium 304 stainless steel, the chicken veggie hanging feeder toy is safe for your pets to play with and rustproof. It is made to last and endure the pulling and pecking of chickens.
  • Adjustable Length: A stronger chain with a maximum weight load capability of 10 lbs is included with the pet fruit holder. It is suitable for use in cages or other circumstances because it is easily adjustable to a maximum length of 24 inches.
  • Improved Design: Suplklz (US Patent Pending) has developed an improved version of this hanging feeder toy for chickens and vegetables. To guarantee the highest quality and functionality for your chickens, the company is always making improvements to its goods.
  • Easy to use and versatile: The feeder skewer can be hung in the chicken coop or any other appropriate spot. It is a convenient product. It gives you a handy option to feed your chickens fresh fruits and vegetables, which will improve their overall health and nutrition.

12:Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Chicken Toys in Coop


  • Flexible Use: The hanging chicken feeder is a great way for chickens to enjoy themselves and decompress because it can hold a variety of fruits and vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, maize, and cabbage.
  • Easy to Use: There are no further instructions needed to operate the hanging chicken feeder, making it very easy to use. You can save time and effort by loading and unloading it in under a minute.
  • Durable Construction: Compared to other large hole-sized vegetable bags, the chicken cabbage feeder is more durable due to its dense mesh design. Food that is smaller in size can be safely held inside without leaking.
  • Prevents Waste: The feeder net’s hanging design makes it easy to hang on a fence or chicken coop, keeping poultry from walking on the veggies. By doing this, trash is decreased and the house and chicken coop are kept a bit simpler and cleaner.

13:Funnel Cone for Chicken


  • 2 cones in a pack: This product comes with two cones that you may use to properly restrict chickens while they’re being processed.
  • Easy Clean-Up: The cones save you time and effort by simplifying the cleanup process after processing chickens.
  • Heavy-Gauge Galvanized Steel: These cones are made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, which makes them extremely strong and resistant to dents and rust, guaranteeing years of use.
  • Suitable for a Variety of Birds: These steel cones can handle big layers, chickens, roasters, and young turkeys up to ten pounds in weight.
  • Flatback Design: These steel containers’ flatback design makes it simple to place them on any surface, which makes them practical to use in your processing area.

14:Kakunm 14PCS Chicken Toys for Coop Accessories


  • Chicken Perch: This set comes with a chicken perch that gives hens a cozy spot to eat and sleep. For greater swinging enjoyment, a longer chain was used in its design.
  • Chicken Xylophone: This entertaining toy enables chickens to produce sounds through the pecking of vibrant keys. It’s designed to entertain them and pique their senses.
  • Chicken Swing: A common addition to coops for chickens is the chicken swing. Its longer chain design provides greater swinging action and encourages hens to exercise and enjoy themselves.
  • The Chicken Ladder Bridge is a novel toy that presents a difficult obstacle for chickens to cross. It enhances their agility and coordination.
  • Chicken Vegetable Skewers Bag: This kit comes with a bag of vegetable skewers that you can hang in the coop. It offers hens a wholesome and engaging means of consuming their food.
  • Chicken Mirror: A mirrored device that can be hung in the coop to amuse the chickens is called a chicken mirror. They can engage with and see their reflection in it.
  • Vegetable Fruit Skewers Hanging Feeder: This set comes with hanging feeders that birds may peck at by filling them with fruits and vegetables. It gives the hens a fun and healthful way to eat. more on Amazon…

15:Omlet Peck Toy


  • Slow Feed Release: When playful chickens peck at the Omlet Peck Toy, a thoughtfully crafted treat dispenser will gradually release its contents. By doing this, you may keep your chickens interested and entertained for extended periods.
  • Boredom Busting Fun: The Peck Toy not only keeps the chickens occupied, but it also promotes foraging and pecking, two instinctive chicken activities. This promotes your feathery companions’ general well-being and lessens boredom.
  • Two Fantastic Designs: There are two distinct designs for the Peck Toy, each of which can accommodate the same quantity of goodies and has an easy-to-install method. Your chickens will remain interested and engaged with each design because it offers a unique combination of difficulty and fascination.
  • Easy Re-Fill Dispenser: The Peck Toy’s dispenser is easily unscrewed for cleaning and refilling. This keeps the toy clean for your chickens and makes it easy for you to keep your flock’s favorite treats stocked.


We conclude that many different types of chicken toys are available on Amazon that can provide entertainment, stress relief, and enrichment for backyard chickens. The Chicken Treat Ball Chicken Vegetable Feeder Veggie Hanging Ball Toy for Hens is a foraging toy that keeps chickens engaged and provides them with a healthy snack. The Chicken Swing Toy for Coop is a handmade wooden toy that provides entertainment and stress relief for chickens, parrots, and macaws. The home Chicken Perch for Chicks is a wooden stand that provides a safe and comfortable place for chicks to roost and play. These toys are made of durable and non-toxic materials and can help promote natural behaviors, reduce stress and boredom, and keep chickens happy and healthy.

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