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bedding for chicken coop

What kind of material is most suitable for use as bedding for chickens? In the chicken coop, wood shavings are a popular and relatively frequent type of bedding material to utilize. They can typically be purchased at low costs and can be obtained from many farm stores in the area. Wood shavings, which are also absorbent, can be used to better control the moisture that is left behind by droppings.

Precision Pet Chicken Nesting Pads by Petmate – 13” x 13” Premium Chicken Bedding Fit Most Nesting Boxes – 10 Pack

I really enjoyed how the pads provided a secure and comfortable environment for my hens to lay their eggs, as well as how well they fit into the nesting boxes. Before I switched to this, I used regular bedding, and my hens would basically kick away most of the bedding until the center of the box was bare wood. This bedding is just what you need. Our chickens enjoy pecking them a little bit and arranging them into a nest for themselves to lay in. In addition, they are very simple to take out and replace with a new one. Significantly simpler to use than loose bedding, which tends to spread.


The Precision Pet Chicken Nesting Pads by Petmate is a premium bedding option for chicken coops. These 13 by 13-inch pads have been meticulously crafted to snugly fit into the majority of nesting boxes. Constructed from a plush, substantial material, these pads offer a cozy and cushioned surface for hens to lay their eggs. They also possess remarkable absorbency, ensuring a consistently pristine and dry nesting environment. Furthermore, the pads are effortless to clean and can be conveniently machine-washed, simplifying upkeep. In addition to this, their robust design guarantees extended longevity, delivering a cost-efficient solution for chicken coop bedding. All in all, the Precision Pet Chicken Nesting Pads by Petmate emerge as the ideal choice for those in search of a luxurious, enduring, and low-maintenance bedding option for their feathered companions.


  • Helps keep eggs clean and dry
  • Fluffy nest without the mess
  • Conveniently fits nesting boxes


  • Very expensive

Manna Pro Fresh Flakes | Chicken Coop Bedding | Pine Shavings for Chicken Bedding | 4 Cubic Feet

I observed after putting my hands on some of the items that there is some sap and that it is fresh. Some of the other products that I received look dryer and contain less sap. This is fantastic for all kinds of animals and maybe some other applications as well. It has a smell, but it is not irritating.


Manna Pro Fresh Flakes are a popular bedding option for chicken coops. Crafted entirely from 100% natural pine shavings, these shreds offer a cozy and absorbent foundation for chickens to recline upon. The pine fibers exude a delightful scent, ensuring a continuously pristine coop environment. Packed in a generous 4 cubic feet bundle, they promise an ample bedding supply to endure for an extended period. Employing them is a breeze – evenly distribute the shreds across the coop floor. Their moisture and odor-absorbing properties render cleaning effortless, making them the ultimate choice for preserving a spotless and dry coop. When it’s time for disposal, these shavings swiftly decompose in your compost heap. All in all, Manna Pro Fresh Flakes presents a splendid selection for those in search of a natural, snug, and low-maintenance bedding solution for their feathered friends.


  • works great for all kinds of pets
  • great value for money


  • Does not absorb well

Jumbo Hemp Bedding for Chickens | AubiChick Ultra Soft Premium Grade | Naturally Grown, No Chemicals | Better

Opting for fleece bedding for my guinea pigs demands frequent washing, a chore that doesn’t appeal to me. Moreover, the pungent urine scent is something I cannot stand. What makes me truly content is that by using Umbo Hemp Bedding for Chickens, I can skip daily cage cleaning, ward off unpleasant odors, and keep my furry friends dry. This bedding option is truly outstanding in terms of comfort. While the shipping expenses aren’t negligible, the quality justifies the expenditure.


Jumbo Hemp Bedding for Chickens, specifically AubiChick Ultra Soft Premium Grade, is a unique and high-quality bedding option for chicken coops. Crafted from organically cultivated hemp, this bedding offers a planet-friendly and sustainable alternative. Completely devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides, it ensures the well-being of your feathered friends. Boasting luxuriously soft hemp fibers, it creates a cozy haven for chickens to relax in. Its remarkable absorbency promotes a pristine and dry coop environment. With its generous jumbo size, you receive an extensive supply of bedding that endures. Furthermore, maintenance is a breeze, with its effortless removal and replacement.


  • Absorbs great
  • virtually dust free
  • quality is superior compared to the other brand


  • High shipping cost

Roosty’s Chicken Nesting Box Pads x6 | Washable Plastic Nesting Box Liners | Chicken Bedding For Coop, Nesting Pad

I was first unsure about purchasing these. However, the eggs from the past few months are dirty. Due to the fact that we have nine hens, we receive from 3 to 9 eggs per day. They have two plastic coops and five nesting boxes, but the chickens will only use one. They then cover the eggs with mud and feces before laying their own. Not good.

Since we began using this material instead of sawdust, they now simply lay an egg and depart. No more arguing over who can enter the best box and at what time.

They are expensive but simple to clean; I simply lift them and hammer them against the enclosure’s edge, which releases the dust and poop. All of our eggs are now as clean as store-bought eggs but are cheaper and have a superior flavor.


Roosty’s Chicken Nesting Box Pads are a durable and convenient solution for chicken coop bedding. This set contains six pads designed to fit the majority of nesting boxes. The pads are constructed of a sturdy, machine-washable polypropylene that can survive regular use and cleaning. Plastic is also simple to disinfect, making it a hygienic solution for chickens. The pads are intended to create a soft, pleasant surface for hens to deposit their eggs on while also keeping the nesting space clean and dry. The pads are simple to instal and remove, making upkeep effortless. These pads are also reusable, making them an economical choice for chicken coop bedding.


  • They hold up well
  •  No real sign of wear and tear
  • They help keep eggs from getting broken


  • A bit expensive

Rural365 Chicken Hemp Bedding – 33lb Industrial Hemp Bale for Small Animal Bedding and Backyard Chicken Coop Supplies

I read about hemp seed bedding on a blog devoted to backyard chickens. I have five chickens, and the coop is located on the dirt of our side yard. It is too heavy to clean by moving. I have laid down the hemp bedding, which is incredible. The air is odourless. I lay it down approximately three inches thick and rake it once every week. When it becomes insufficient owing to the chickens’ scratching and digging, I add more. They adore it when I augment it. According to the blog, the duration is one year. I’ve had it for three months and just completed the bag because we had a freeze and I heard that having more bedding for the girls helps to keep them warm. I strongly recommend and will repurchase this product.


Rural365 Chicken Hemp Bedding is an eco-friendly and sustainable option for chicken coops. This bedding comes in the form of an industrial hemp bale, weighing 33 lbs, providing a large amount of bedding to last for a while. The hemp fibers are naturally grown and free from chemicals, making it safe for chickens to use. The fibers are also ultra-soft and provide a comfortable surface for chickens to rest on. 

The hemp bedding boasts exceptional absorbency, effectively maintaining a clean and dry coop while managing unpleasant odors. This bedding is a breeze to maintain, thanks to its effortless removal and replacement. Furthermore, it offers an eco-friendly choice, as it can be composted once it has served its purpose.


  • Bedding is a good absorbent
  • Long-lasting


  • Cover smaller area

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In summary, maintaining the well-being and comfort of your chickens hinges on the choice of bedding material within the coop. A variety of alternatives exist, including straw, wood shavings, and shredded paper, each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, selecting the most suitable option becomes a crucial consideration. To safeguard the health and contentment of your feathered friends, it’s vital to uphold a clean and dry coop environment while also regularly refreshing the bedding material.

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