5 Best Nesting Boxes for a Chicken Coop


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Before buying the best nesting boxes for a chicken coop, you must check the following: washability, compatibility with different chicken coop sizes, ease of cleaning, and construction materials such as plastic and galvanized steel. Some nesting boxes include additional features such as perches, ventilation holes, and removable bottoms for easy cleaning. The main goal of these nesting boxes is to provide a safe and comfortable place for hens to lay their eggs and to make managing a chicken coop more efficient and sanitary.



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EdinburghRoosty's Chicken Nesting Box Pads x6 | Washable Plastic Nesting Box Liners | Chicken Bedding For Coop, Nesting Pads

Rural365 Hen's Chicken Coop Box: Single Chicken Nesting Box, Metal-Curtained Roll-Away Egg Nest Box, Chicken Laying Boxes

Rite Farm Products 2 Pack Washable Poly Egg Nesting Box Chicken Laying COOP NEST

Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box for Chickens with Perch (Item No. 163620)

Brower 410B 10-Hole Poultry Nest, Gray

1:Roosty’s Chicken nesting boxes Pads x6 | Washable Plastic Nesting Box Liners | Chicken Bedding For Coop, Nesting Pads

I saw that these are used in America and wanted to reduce waste, so I switched the bedding in my chicken coop’s nesting boxes to these mats. They looked hard and sharp when they first came, but they’re pretty decent.
The hens have gotten used to them, and now there is no poop in my nest boxes, which is impressive. It’s very easy to clean the mats. Therefore, I pull them out, shake them, and then hose them down.


Roosty’s Chicken Nesting Box Pads are a set of six washable plastic nesting box liners compatible with all chicken coops and houses. However, measuring 12×13 inches, these nesting pads for hens fit nesting boxes in small and large chicken coops.
They help keep your chickens laying by keeping the dirt buildup to a minimum and increasing the survival rate of eggs. But if your chickens don’t take to them immediately, the manufacturer suggests adding Roosty’s Ceramic Nest Eggs until they are regularly laying. Additionally, you and your chickens will be safer, cleaner, and better off financially with these nesting pads.



Easy Cleaning

difficult to clean

Compatible with all chicken coops

2:Rural365 Hen’s Chicken Coop Box: Single Chicken nesting boxes, Metal-Curtained Roll-Away Egg Nest Box, Chicken Laying Boxes

My chicken likes to eat eggs. I had to clean out nest boxes full of smelly, nasty egg yolk daily. I tried this item because I had no other choice. I’m so happy to say that it worked. I didn’t think this nest box would work. Putting it together was a pain, but worth it in the end. It’s so nice to get my eggs without the yoke on them.
Now that my rotten hen isn’t eating eggs, I’m getting more eggs and don’t have to spend time cleaning dirty eggs, so I have more time to do other things, like enjoy my hens. Ultimately, the money I spent on this nest box was well spent. You should also order the giant box. I have RIRs and a large Brahma. Therefore, It’s okay for standard hens, but even the big nestbox needs to be bigger for big hens. The smaller one works well for bantams or other small hens.


The Rural365 Single Chicken Nesting Box is a metal-curtain roll-away egg nest box designed for chicken coops. Therefore, it is made of zinc-plated galvanized metal for maximum strength and longevity and includes ABS plastic parts that are UV resistant. The polyethylene plastic nest pad has vertical fingers that guide the eggs to the tray and keep them from contacting manure and other debris. The nest pad is removable and easy to clean. However, the chicken coop nesting box is easy to assemble, with instructions and hardware included.



Easy Setup

bit small for the large hens

easy to clean

3:Rite Farm Products 2 Pack Washable Poly Egg nesting boxes Chicken Laying COOP NEST

I’ve been using these for a few months and have had no problems with them. They’re durable for plastic, and I enjoy washing and cleaning them. The durability of their construction using robust plastic and their easy washability and sanitization capability are definite advantages. Their trouble-free performance for several months serves as a testament to their dependability.

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The Rite Farm Products 2 Pack Washable Poly Egg Nesting Box is a set of two heavy-duty, washable nesting boxes for chickens. They are meant to be hung on the wall and have a cute egg-shaped opening in the back. Nonetheless, the crates boast ample dimensions to accommodate chickens of all varieties. As a result, the producer asserts that it offers the most competitive rate for this particular item on Amazon.




Drilled holes were smaller.

Easy to assemble

4:Little Giant Single Plastic nesting boxes for Chickens with Perch (Item No. 163620)

I read several reviews, and most mentioned that this product was terrible. It’s a hit with my chickens! Because they are arguing about who will go next, I need to buy more. Because all of my daughters enjoy it, I used 22 eggs.
It was a complete shock to me because, for the longest time, the metal option held the position of a fan favorite. There are so many different kinds of nesting boxes that I have purchased, but the girls prefer to avoid any of them. They cannot get enough of this particular one. It is extremely simple to hang.


The Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box is a high-density polyethylene nesting box for chickens and other small birds that can withstand being hit. It is designed to be securely mounted vertically or side by side. The box has an entrance porch, holes for fresh air, a lower floor to keep bedding from falling out, and a sloped roof to keep the bird from roosting.
So, it mounts to 16″ on-center studs, and when three units are hung vertically, the first unit should be mounted 24″ off the ground to protect from predators. So, Plastic nesting boxes are preferred over wood or metal ones as they stay warmer in the winter, are easier to clean and more sanitary, and reduce mite and bug infestations.



easily cleaned

No mounting screws included.

easy to hang

5:Brower 410B 10-Hole Poultry Nest, Gray

We wanted to avoid nest box construction. We looked at pre-made nest boxes made of wood, plastic, and galvanized metal, like this one for 28 big bird eggs.
Our hens entered our coop after we hung this mid-to-low on the rear wall. Ten slots were plenty. Large breeds had no trouble going in and out and seemed happy with the seclusion. We rarely have this problem since this can’t fit in a nesting hen’s box and drives out. Hatch doors allow rear egg collection. We’re considering this for the spring.

Our coop’s galvanized metal is beautiful and durable, and I love supporting American-made. Amazon’s price and packaging were unbeatable. We recommend hiring chicken caretakers for large production flocks that want to avoid building boxes.


The Brower 410B 10-Hole Poultry Nest is made of galvanized steel and is of high quality. It can hold 50–60 hens. It has ten holes on two levels and easy cleaning and litter changes.
Constructing the nest is a straightforward task that merely necessitates a screwdriver and a spanner, eliminating the need for a rivet gun. Nevertheless, the anticipated duration for assembly hovers between 30 to 45 minutes.
Therefore, ventilation holes in the partitions allow fresh air flow, and the nests can be staggered back to back to prevent hens from passing between tiers. However, standard hangers are included, and the perches are double-bolted and hinged so they can be closed. It is not a roll-out nest.



Easy to assemble

Good packaging is required.

Nest bottoms removable for easy cleaning


Roosty’s Chicken Nesting Box Pads and Rural365’s Single Chicken Nesting Box are good options for a chicken coop nesting box. So, best nesting boxes for a chicken coop Pads are made of washable plastic and are compatible with all chicken coops, making them easy to clean and maintain. They can also be cut to fit smaller nesting boxes.
The Rural365 Single Chicken Nesting Box is made of galvanized metal construction that is strong and durable. It also comes with a removable, easy-to-clean polyethylene plastic nest pad with vertical fingers that guide the eggs to the tray and keep them from getting dirty. Roosty’s Chicken Nesting Box Pads are more flexible and easy to clean, whereas Rural365’s Single Chicken Nesting Box is sturdy and long-lasting. Ultimately, it would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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