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The best chicken coop for ten chickens would depend on your specific needs and preferences.

However, generally speaking, a coop that is at least 4×8 feet and has a minimum of 4 square feet per chicken is considered a good size for ten hens.

It should also have good ventilation, protection from predators, and easy access for cleaning and egg collection.

Additionally, insulation is a must if you live in a colder climate. Some good options include the Eglu Go Chicken Coop and the Little Cottage Company Gambrel Barn Coop.

Buying Guide

When buying a chicken coop for ten hens, there are a few key factors to consider:

Size: The coop should be at least 4×8 feet and have a minimum of 4 square feet per chicken. This will provide enough space for the birds to move around comfortably and have a designated area for sleeping and nesting.

Protection from predators: The coop should made from sturdy materials and have a secure locking mechanism to protect the birds from predators. A coop with a run attached also provides an enclosed space for the hens to roam safely.

Ventilation: Good ventilation is essential for the health and well-being of the chickens. The coop should have windows or vents that allow for airflow.

Achieving this involves incorporating removable nesting crates and a movable entryway or incline for the birds to access and depart the coop.

Cold Weather Preparation: If you reside in a chillier region, ensuring adequate insulation becomes crucial to maintain a cozy and moisture-free coop in the winter.

Sturdiness: Seek out a coop constructed from top-notch, enduring resources that can endure various weather conditions and frequent usage.

Numerous alternatives come in a range of price points, ensuring you pick the one that aligns with your budget while catering to your requirements.

Prior to finalizing your choice, it’s wise to peruse feedback from fellow consumers who have acquired akin items to grasp the advantages and drawbacks of various enclosures.



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Barn Style Walk 48''L Chicken Coop Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals (Grey/White)

zoovilla Country Style Chicken Coop Metal Nest Box with Asphalt Roof Panels

PawHut 12' Chicken Coop Galvanized Metal Hen House Large Rabbit Hutch Poultry Cage Pen Backyard with Cover, Walk-in Pen Run

Giantex Large Metal Chicken Run, Walk-in Chicken Coop with Waterproof Cover, Poultry Enclosure Hen Cage Run House

1:Barn Style Walk 48”L Chicken Coop Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals (Grey/White)

Frequently, these enclosures feature a barn-esque layout, sporting a sloping roof and a spacious entry point for convenient entry.

They can be constructed from a variety of substances, including timber or metallic components, and are generally capacious enough to house a substantial quantity of poultry.

A leading advantage of the barn-inspired coop lies in the generous room it affords the chickens to wander about in comfort, as well as offering dedicated sections for sleeping, nesting, and perching.

These structures often come equipped with an adjoining enclosure, offering a secure and enclosed environment for the chickens to freely roam.


  • Many barn-style coops have a run attached, providing an enclosed space for the chickens to roam safely.
  • These coops are often build with more insulation and ventilation, making them suitable for all climates.
  • Barn-style coops are often made of sturdy wood or metal that can withstand weather and use.



⦁ chickens to move around comfortably

⦁   Wood quality is not good.

⦁ Protection from predators

⦁   expensive

⦁ Easy Access

2:zoovilla Country Style Chicken Coop Metal Nest Box with Asphalt Roof Panels

Within the chicken enclosure, a metal nesting compartment is incorporated, providing a secure spot for hens to lay their eggs.

Additionally, the presence of asphalt roofing panels safeguards the structure against weather conditions, ensuring the coop remains dry and adequately ventilated.

The coop boasts a rural-style aesthetic, giving it a charming and weathered appearance, making it a suitable choice for various backyard settings.

Furthermore, this enclosure features a detachable sliding tray for effortless maintenance and a roof that hinges open for convenient access to its interior.

It’s crucial to highlight that the precise dimensions of this coop require clarification, making it challenging to determine its suitability for accommodating ten hens.

Also, comprehensive details regarding its materials and construction are supplied.

It is advisable to peruse reviews and verify the specifications and constituents before reaching a final decision.


  • The secure metal coop offers a protected haven for hens to deposit their eggs.
  • The coop has a country-style design that gives it an attractive and rustic look that can blend well with many backyards.
  • The hinged roof opens up for easy access to the coop’s inside.



⦁ Asphalt Roof Panels

⦁ Size not specified

⦁ Removable slide-out tray

3:PawHut 12′ Chicken Coop Galvanized Metal Hen House Large Rabbit Hutch Poultry Cage Pen Backyard with Cover, Walk-in Pen Run

The PawHut 12′ Chicken Coop Galvanized Metal Hen House is a large, galvanized metal chicken coop designed to provide a safe and comfortable home for chickens. c

oop is 12 feet long, which provides ample space for chickens to move around comfortably, and has designated areas for sleeping, nesting, and roosting.

The coop comprises a nesting box, incline, and a sliding entrance for effortless entry into the inner coop.

The general structure of the coop is plain and practical, though there might be room for enhancement in terms of aesthetics.

Please be aware that even though this coop can accommodate ten hens, the mat dimensions should also be taken into account.

A minimum of 4 square feet per chicken is needed inside the coop, while 8-10 square feet per bird is essential within the outdoor enclosure. Ensuring the enclosure provides ample space for your desired bird count is of paramount importance.


  • The coop features a large walk-in pen run that allows chickens to roam safely.
  • The coop, equipped with a shielding lid for safeguarding it against weather conditions, ensures the coop remains both well-ventilated and dry.
  • Spanning a generous 12 feet in length, the coop offers abundant room for chickens to roam with ease, featuring dedicated sections for resting, laying eggs, and perching.



⦁  Nesting box, ramp, and sliding door

⦁  lack of aesthetic appeal

⦁  Large size

4:Giantex Large Metal Chicken Run, Walk-in Chicken Coop with Waterproof Cover, Poultry Enclosure Hen Cage Run House

The Giantex Large Metal Chicken Run is a spacious chicken coop, purposefully crafted to furnish a secure and cozy abode for your feathered friends.

Constructed from durable metal, this coop offers a shield against potential threats and boasts exceptional longevity.

This coop incorporates a water-resistant covering that safeguards it from the elements, ensuring a dry and well-ventilated environment.

Furthermore, it includes an expansive walk-in pen run that allows chickens to move about safely within an enclosed area, providing them with a secure space for their activities.

Keeping in mind that this coop can house several hens, it’s crucial to factor in the dimensions of the enclosure. Chickens require at least 4 square feet per fowl inside the coop and 8-10 square feet per fowl in the outdoor area.

Therefore, it is vital to verify that the run offers ample space for the intended number of birds you wish to raise.

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  • Constructed from durable metal, the coop safeguards against predators and endures over time.
  • Adorned with a waterproof canopy, the coop remains impervious to the elements, ensuring its continued dryness and excellent ventilation.



⦁ Metal construction

⦁ Risk of getting cut during setup

⦁ Walk-in pen run

⦁ easy to assemble


Keep in mind that the optimal chicken enclosure may differ according to your individual requirements and desires.

Therefore, make sure to explore and contrast various possibilities before arriving at a definitive choice. Additionally,

it’s vital to verify that the enclosure you select complies with the legal prerequisites and guidelines in your locality.

Lastly, bear in mind that a meticulously maintained and hygienic coop will not only maintain the well-being of your poultry but will also simplify the process of tending to them.

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