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Best chicken coop toys for chicken


Chicken coop toys for chicken are an essential addition to any chicken coop as they provide chickens with physical and mental stimulation, helping to keep them active and engaged. These toys can include items such as perches, swings, mirrors, puzzle feeders, and scratching posts.

Here are a few popular chicken coop toys that are currently available on Amazon:



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Cricket Tubes

Lixit Chicken Toy

Mealworm Dispenser

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Chicken Playground with Treat Basket

Swinging Hanging Mirror

Vehomy Chicken Xylophone

2 Pieces Chicken Mirror

Chicken Treat Ball

Chicken Swing

Vehomy Chicken Perch for Chicken

Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy

Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Chicken Toys in Coop

Funnel Cone for Chicken

Kakunm 14PCS Chicken Toys for Coop Accessories

Omlet Peck Toy

1. Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy for Hens Suspensible Wood Xylophone Toy with 8 Metal Keys Chicken Coop Pecking Toy with Grinding Stone (Rainbow Color)

It was a fun gift for my chicken-raising granddaughter. We suspected they were bored because they had not yet laid eggs. It took the hens about five minutes to begin pecking at the xylophone, even though I had drawn a black dot with “legs” on each metal piece. The tones could have been quieter, but watching the hens compete to play the xylophone was entertaining. Indeed, it worked! It also had a small cuddle bone attached, which they also enjoyed. Was it by chance that they began laying eggs within a week? No. It is their age, as well as their rooster. However, I’ve heard that music encourages plant growth, so it wasn’t Mozart, but it was still really great. I am considering transporting these chicks on the road. I play the ukulele and am seeking a drummer and banjo player.

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The Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy for Hens is a suspensible wood xylophone toy with eight metal keys designed to entertain chickens in their coop. It comes with a grinding stone, which provides an additional activity for chickens to peck. The rainbow color of the toy may also be appealing to chickens. Additionally, the xylophone keys can create musical sounds that both chickens and humans can enjoy.



It is sturdy

The sound is not loud

easy to hang up

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